Sobriety, sophistication, Silk

It is in the heart of Lisbon’s historical center of Chiado district, with the city literally at your feet, where you’ll find the private club Silk. Its unique location, on the last floor of the highest building, allows for the breathtaking 270º panoramic view of the city, within a sophisticated, modern and luxurious ambience. Its architecture and design and the combination of its decorative elements make Silk special, recognized by the UCity Guides as the Best Rooftop Bar in the World. The terrace, invites you to lose yourself in the Lisbon skyline and enjoy a unique moment of relaxation, enhancing natural sensations, either during the day or night. It is through the careful selection of its members, their guests and partners that the Silk defines its club philosophy.

Silk Global Network

As membership grew, the Silk Global Network emerged as a eclectic combination of individuals, from CEOs, politicians, trend setters to the most elite. In the near future, we will launch the new global network that has already over 4000 members. Through a specialized communication team along with the participation of our partners in this project , commercial and institutional , we will strive to create a dynamic and closed network of individuals with special privileges, reinforcing the unique identity of the Silk product and associated brands.

Architect responsible for the conception of Silk Club

Tiago Silva Dias was born in Lisbon in 1965. With a degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon (1989), Tiago went onto to become an established architect in Portugal. Presently, Tiago focuses his business activity in the authorship of several projects developed by Silva Dias – Architects, Ltd., co-founded in 1995. Some of his recent works include: design of new facilities for the Jerónimo Martins holding company and Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, a project for the rehabilitation and conversion of the complex “Patio da Gale” and the East Wing of the Palace Square, Hotel Au265; rehabilitation project for the building complex of the former residence of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom; College Foundation Alentejo; 23.2 Mesh Upper Lisbon; Redevelopment Project of Public Spaces of the Moorish quarter, Pinhal Novo Mercado Municipal; Remodeling of Tourist Information Offices in Lisbon and Sintra; bank branches for BCI and BPC banks in Angola; L’Oréal Academy of Porto; Hotel Museum, among many others. Winner of several public tenders and private projects, his work has been presented in several publications and exhibitions and published in conferences in which he has participated.


Mística has its genesis, uniqueness and exclusivity; these are concepts that are always present in both sides of its work, whether through furnishings or their Interior Design projects. We find in Mística, unique pieces that can be imported or developed internally, with a predominant ethnic trait, but with a current design feel. Mística also imports unique pieces from different parts of the world, so the diversity of items is vast. Its products of design are customized, created from scratch or through the modifying of existing pieces; products that are tailored to the desire of each client or the needs of each project. It is through interior design projects that Mística presents more complete solutions, which in partnership with the architect or contractor, analyzes and evaluates the characteristics of the space, its function and future decoration, and the interior decoration that Mística defines, meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of the space. In all its work, quality is a common element, so much so that the specific monitoring of all phases of each project plays a key role in achieving the expectations.

Rui Avelar

Rui Avelar, Architectural Interior Designer, was born in Angola in June 18, 1966 and completed his degree in Design of Interior Architecture and Industrial at IADE. His areas of expertise are: Graphic Design, interior and industrial, but with particular emphasis on interior architecture, design equipment and decoration. His company, Criações ilimitadas Designers, Lda, develops projects in several areas both in the public and private sectors. Rui produces the Rui Avelar Design line of furniture, characterized by the production of limited edition pieces, with the possibility of customization depending on the project.