The Silk Club is available for various types of events

With a prime location, the Silk Club is a sophisticated, modern and elegant venue, with a magnificent view, which is ideal for lunches, presentations, cocktails, coffee breaks, conference, snacks, parties, etc. For additional information or for requesting a quote, feel free to contact us.
  • Lunches
  • Presentations
  • Brunchs
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Conferences
  • Parties
  • Breakfasts
  • Meetings
  • Dinners
  • Dinner & Clubbing

Services Provided by the Silk Club

Either through selected partners, or internally, the Silk Club offers numerous services for events, including: audiovisuals, animation, administrative support, technical support, cloakroom, catering, decoration, intercom equipment. For additional information or requesting a quote, please complete our contact form.
  • Audiovisuals
  • Animation
  • Administrative Support
  • Internet
  • Technical Support
  • Cloakroom
  • Catering
  • Decoration
  • Audio Equipment
  • Door Services
  • Reserved Parking
  • Service Bar and Lounge
  • Hostesses Service
  • Security Service
  • Valet Parking

Location and Layout

Open since March 2008, the Silk Club is a unique place, located on two floors of a the highest building in Chiado, offering a fantastic view of 270 degrees on the horizon Lisbon, including the river, castle and lower Pombal. It is a place that combines sophisticated, modern architecture harmoniously with its interior design. Arriving on the 6th floor, through two panoramic elevators, you will enter the entrance hall, with the restrooms in front, and cloakroom to your right. Access to the seventh floor is either via a private elevator, or stairs, where you will find the main area of ​​the club with a sophisticated and minimalist decor. The interior of the club is ideal for business meetings, events, and private parties, with several catering options. All areas of the venue have adequate technical features to cater for the vast services that Silk Club offers, day or night.

General Conditions

1 – Provisional and Definitive Reservation. Adjudication 1.1- A provisional booking is not binding, whereby, if and when possible, that the client be informed of another impeding reservation or commercial commitment. 1.2- Reservation only becomes definite, and thus guaranteed, after payment of 50% of the total event. The remaining 50% payment must be received by the date of the event, before it begins. 1.3- With the adjudication, it is implied that the client accepts the following terms and conditions having had prior knowledge. 2 – EXCLUSIVITY 2.1 All proposed commercial use of the venue implies the use on an exclusive basis. 3 – TIMINGS 3.1- The timings for assembly and disassembly of the event are as per the proposal accepted by the client. 3.2 Any extension of the above timetable, previously agreed, will be subject to prior authorization and may incur further payment. 4 – NUMBER OF PEOPLE 4.1- The total number of people scheduled for the event must be as per the proposal accepted by the client. 4.2 If during the event, through the control of the number of people entering, the number is higher than the contracted number, the client is obliged to pay for each person over the previously set value per person, or, if the value was not calculated on a per person basis, the equivalent derived by dividing the total value of the event by the number of people agreed in the proposal. 4.3- Control of the number of people entering the venue is done internally and it is suggested that the client have someone from their team also controlling. 4.4- If in the course of the event, it is found that the number of people exceeds the adjudicated number in the proposal, and assuming that the venue has no prior knowledge of this, the client will be informed immediately. 5 – PAYMENT 5.1-With the adjudication of the proposal, the amount corresponding to 50% of the total value of the event will be due immediately and the value corresponding to the remaining 50% will be paid on the day of the event and before it takes place. 5.2-The method of payment will be agreed previously with the client. 5.3-Any changes to the values ​​contained in the proposal awarded, agreed by both parties, shall be paid on the day of the event, even if such changes ​​only arise during the event. 6 – CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT 6.1-The cancellation of the event up to five days before the event date will incur a loss of the initial payment of 50%, paid on adjudication. 6.2-The cancellation of the event in the five days immediately prior to the event requires payment of the full amount stated in the proposal awarded. 6.3- The previous conditions may be waved if the client accepts the proposed changed date provided by Blue Thing, Lda. (owner of the Silk Club brand), as a replacement date. 7 – PRODUCTIONS 7.1-Nothing shall be affixed to floors, columns, ceilings, walls, windows, furniture or any other place, either with nails, screws, glue, tape, or other materials without prior permission for this effect. Authorization does not invalidate the clients’ responsibility for damages resulting from such acts, whereby the client will be responsible for full payment of the damage caused. 7.2-Any and all events are subject to the supervision of an internal supervisor who shall assist the client’s supervisor in the execution of the work previously designated by the client. 8 – THEFT 8.1-The company Blue Thing, Lda., owner of the venue Silk Club, has no liability for any theft of either the exposed material or any other objects, including personal objects. 9 – INSURANCE AND LIABILITY 9.1-The Customer must have a valid Liability Insurance for the duration of the event, including loading and unloading, which covers damage to the premises (in any of its parts) and persons caused by the client, its employees, agents or sub-contractors and also by exhibitors or their sub-contractors and their guests. 9.2-Blue Thing, Ltd. has a liability insurance covering personal injury and property caused by their own facilities, systems, and its employees, agents and sub-contractors, in the amount of capital at risk for 300.000,00 Euros per claim. 10 – IDENTIFICATION AND DISSEMINATION OF IMAGES AND PHOTOGRAPHS 10.1-The collection of images and photographs in the venue provided by any medium and for any purpose whatsoever, and their disclosure will always require prior authorization. 10.2-It is the obligation of the client to prevent any images from being captured in the venue, that are not directly relevant to the event, or that do not respect the privacy of those that work and visit the venue.